1. 1.Create your page in a typical FAQ layout, links in a list and chapters below on the same page.

  2. 2.Publish your site. Visit the published and copy the URL to the page (let’s call it

  3. 3.In iWeb, select the first item in the FAQ-type list. Enable it as a hyperlink. Choose to link it to an external page, the URL being

  4. 4.Select next list item, enable it as a hyperlink to the external URL

  5. 5.Continue until you have linked to all list items. It will look like the picture below.

  6. 6.Now, drag in a HTMP snippet from the Widgets toolbar (on the right in iWeb’s window).

  7. 7.What you write in the snipped does not matter! Write something harmless that will not do anything, such as <a name="anchor"></a>

  8. 8.Make the widget’s box as small as possible. Drag it to a position on the page where you want the first anchor to land. The lower end of the widget box will define the landing spot.

  9. 9.Continue with a new snippet, place it just above the second chapter. See the pictures how it will look when you have placed a snippet box above each chapter. Note that it is important to create them in order.


  1. 10. That’s it. There is no step 10.